Whether made of platinum, silver, or gold, our everyday wear rings also require adequate maintenance. Our hands perform a great deal of labor during the day, and it is obvious that our finger rings come into touch with water, soap, oil, dust, cosmetics, and more. Additionally, if they are made of priceless metals like platinum or gold, they could grow dull and dusty and lose their sparkle. Your rings may soon appear cheap and lose their brilliant sheen. However, they may last for centuries in perfect condition if one gives them the right care.

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A lot of us have rings set with gemstones such as onyx, emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearl, and topaz. Some wear them for fashion, while others keep them on all the time for lucky charms and astrological reasons. Cleaning and maintaining your conventional gold or silver rings is much simpler, but caring for your gemstone rings might be more difficult. The jewels set on your rings may get pale due to improper cleaning. If not handled properly when cleaning and storing, it may potentially cause them to escape their settings.

A few fundamental tasks include cleaning, storing, and wearing your diamond rings on a regular basis. To help you understand what to do and what not to do, we have listed them sequentially. Continue reading.

How to Take Care of Your Gemstone Rings

Simple gold rings may be soaked in a solution of water and soap, as we previously suggested in our guide to gold rings. For jewelry made of gemstones, we would not advise doing the same. Please refrain from soaking your gold ring in water if it has gemstones set into it. While certain strong stones, like diamonds, are not readily harmed by this technique, many other gems, like emerald or onyx, can sustain damage from prolonged immersion in water. So steer clear of it completely to be safe. Alternatively, use the advice below to clean your gemstone rings at home.

1. Make a solution by adding a few drops of mild dish soap to a basin of lukewarm water.

2. To dampen a soft piece of cloth, dip it into the solution. Next, use that moist towel to clean the metal components of your ring as well as the gemstones. To avoid damaging or scratching the stones, massage them with extreme caution and gentleness.

3. After cleaning your ring, use a fresh, soft cloth soaked with regular water to remove any soap residue from its surface.

4. After using a gentle cloth or towel to pat the clean ring dry, let it air dry entirely.

How to Keep Your Stone Rings?

In addition to cleaning your diamond rings, storage is also essential. Holding your rings in a dusty area will only cause them to become more soiled. Additionally, you don’t want them to get dull and scraped. Thus, we advise that you store them in a secure location. Your gemstone rings should always be kept out of the reach of heat, water, chemicals, dust, and grease while not in use. Keep them somewhere dry, warm, and comfortable. Wrapped in cotton or soft material, you may store them in a different box or pouch. Never wear them with fake or other priceless jewelry as this might scratch them. The same box that the jeweler or jewelry retailer gave you might also be used to store them.

How to Wear Your Gemstone Rings Correctly

Wearing your gemstone rings correctly is the third most essential thing you can do to preserve them. You must wear your rings appropriately and protect them from harm if you want them to remain shiny like new. Scrubbing and cleaning with your hands might harm the jewels in your ring. When cleaning, doing laundry, taking a shower, swimming, cooking, etc., do not wear your stone rings. The stones may come into touch with water, oil, ingredients, heat, etc. when cooking. Thus, it’s best to avoid wearing them when preparing food.

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