In India, vacation rentals, also known as holiday homes, are still relatively new. Instead of staying in a hotel room with little privacy, shared amenities, cramped dining areas, and other guests, or paying exorbitant prices, a holiday home allows you to rent your ideal home just for you and your loved ones. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and don’t forgo any of the comforts you depend on while on vacation. Compared to typical hotel rooms or resorts, privately owned Holiday Homes vacation rental homes provide greater space, flexibility, amenities, independence, and privacy.

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Large, roomy apartments or villas with many bedrooms and bathrooms, separate living spaces, full-sized kitchens, and much more are common features of vacation rentals.

A Residence Compared to a Room: Something Different

Many individuals travel extensively for work, and they spend a significant portion of their life in impersonal, antiseptic hotel rooms. That’s why they don’t think of a particular trip as more of the same. Instead, we provide visitors with the choice to stay in an apartment, villa, farm house, cottage, tent, chalet, etc., allowing them to unwind in a private residence that exceeds their expectations. They might take pleasure in having the flexibility to arrange their trip around their preferences and needs.


Compared to hotels, vacation homes provide greater comfort, privacy, informality, and individualized treatment. We constantly prioritize security and take great care of it as a result.

Greater Amenities at a Lower Price

Staying at a vacation house is significantly less expensive than staying at a superior hotel or resort when you factor in all the extras you would have to pay for at a hotel, whether it be per person or per bedroom. Drinks, food, washing, and other expenses are relatively minimal. Even the most opulent vacation home may be less expensive than hotels when many families and friends are traveling together because there is just the rental fee to split among the group.

How do the vacation homes look like?

Savor the splendor of nature while adding a little human touch.

Our selection of homes includes cozy lakefront flats, chalets, cottages, and farm houses with a view of the lake, each with its own unique character. Our focus is on providing high-quality lodging. To match our high standards, we carefully choose which vacation homes in our inventory to offer. Some are ideal for a business entertainment event, while others are ideal for a romantic retreat or family get-together. While some are lakefront, others provide a broad perspective of the valley and its environs. The majority of the homes are brand-new, and they all feature appealing modern styles and modern simplicity. These homes could feature lovely gardens with a profusion of tropical flowers and plants all around them. You may discover what you’re searching for here, whether it’s modern elegance for a barefoot experience, serene living off the usual path, or breathtakingly magnificent homes in breathtaking locations.

To what extent are they at ease?

Your heart is where you’ll find comfort.

Only houses with top-notch furnishings and equipment are shown on our website. Every property has comfortable furnishings and is kept up nicely. We’ve included the small extras—like comfy mattresses, pillowy pillows, and simple quilts—to make your stay as comfortable as possible. While some of our vacation rentals offer complete dining services, others are self-catered and include fully functional kitchens with microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, refrigerators, and all the standard cookware. Of course, there are hot water showers and bathrooms with contemporary designs.

What sort of service might I anticipate?

People who are proactive, enthusiastic, amiable, helpful, upbeat, and, above all, trustworthy and honest make up our personnel. The majority of Gordon Lasolas employees are from the area, and they manage the vacation house in a very “hands on” manner.

When you arrive, a member of our staff will show you to the property of your choice.

Our Local Managers are in charge of maintaining their individual properties. They will also be in charge of getting your accommodations ready before you arrive. They make sure everything runs well so you can have the most pleasant stay possible. All of the daily tasks, such dishwashing, tidying the space, replacing towels and bed linens, and doing light laundry, will be completed.