striking paint effect

You’ll be astonished at how much an old fence can be made to look brand new with a coat of paint, creating a dramatic backdrop for jewel-colored plants and lush vegetation. And what color should you choose? dark.

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According to landscape designer Andrew Duff of the Chelsea Flower Show, “the depth this color gives is magical; paint a fence black and it disappears, a shed becomes less of an eyesore and that old bench suddenly becomes a chic focal point.”

If you want immediate effect, this is a terrific garden concept. Remember that painting your plant pots may also give them a fresh look.

Plant and split

Purchasing perennials that you can split is an inexpensive method to add eye-catching plants to flowerbeds. Although it seems like very sophisticated gardening, this isn’t the case. It is suitable for clump-forming perennials including hardy geraniums, astrantia, and geums.

Take the plant out of its pot and divide it into two or three sections, each containing a few stalks and roots. Make a hole in your flowerbed and plant each component. You may dig them up and rip them apart again the next year after they’ve spread and developed to get even more plants.

In a few years, you will receive an amazing exhibition for relatively little money. For an average-sized garden, six geranium plants should be plenty to get things started.

Make Your Own Outdoor Bar

Do you want a place in your yard for entertaining? If you don’t have the money for a garden bar, makeover your space with a homemade cocktail bar.

“With a simple, budget-friendly coat of paint, you can transform a cheap and cheerful potting bench into a stylish drinks station by night,” advises Nadia McCowan Hill, resident style advisor at Wayfair. “There’s no need to invest in an expensive readymade bar.”

All you have to worry about is choosing your go-to color because a high-quality primer and undercoat will eliminate the need for tedious sanding. While cornflower blue is ideal for an English garden spritz and pistachio tones go well with spring flora, Miami pink will give your bar a throwback feel. Remember to use a waterproof finishing wax to seal your bar so that you can continue hosting sundowner parties all summer long.

Establish a cozy outdoor space

Since our outside areas are becoming into “rooms” since they are extensions of our houses, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere in the garden.

Investing in an outdoor rug is the one thing you should do to accomplish this. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety available, which includes geometric stripes and floral patterns with jungle themes. A garden rug is important because, in addition to being strong and waterproof, it will help you zone your area, which is perfect if you want to divide your space into different areas, like dining and relaxing. Add some outdoor couches and garden lights as accessories.

Keep in mind that the larger the rug, the more expensive it will be, so make sure you measure your room and select the appropriate size for your furniture.

a self-made outdoor theater

The most frugal garden ideas need little to no financial outlay, so make an outdoor theater out of supplies you already have. With just a white sheet, some rope, and pegs, you can quickly transform your area for movie night. Then all you have to do is purchase a projector (Amazon has a variety).

This amazing outdoor theater was designed by interior stylist Kel Harmer in her backyard. She says, “We used a projector that we set on a garden table and ran the leads underneath the seating to prevent hazards, and we made the screen out of string, pegs, and a king-size white sheet for the DIY Movie Night.”

develop from a seed

Planting seeds is without a doubt the least expensive technique to have a flourishing garden.

You may plant seeds for turnips, carrots, radish, and beetroot outside in containers or in your vegetable garden when the weather warms. Make sure the soil is both well-draining and rich when planting them to ensure high yields from early summer to late fall.

Check the amount of the seed package, whether it’s for a vegetable or flower garden. Some include much more seed than you could plant in a year.

Recall that you may also plant seeds for annual herbs like parsley, basil, and coriander, which are excellent for indoor planting on a windowsill. Every three to four weeks, sow little amounts often to provide a sufficient crop.

Greetings, birds

Installing a bird feeder, bath, or home will attract more wildlife to your yard. The more birds you draw to your outside area, the more likely you are to hear their singing, which is really beneficial to your health. Actually, studies suggest that taking in the sounds of birds might assist reduce anxiety and exhaustion while also elevating feelings of stress.

You may purchase one, or if you want to do it on the cheap, wash out old tin cans (from baked beans and soup), paint them, fill them with bird seed, and hang them in your garden as a homemade bird feeder.