You want your construction projects finished on schedule and with minimal complications as a construction manager. Hiring demolition professionals for your demolition needs is one approach to guarantee on-time completion. Demolition contractors are highly qualified individuals with the know-how and tools required to finish a variety of demolition operations. Let’s examine some of the main advantages of working with Interstate Sawing & Demolition—a demolition contractor—for your development project.

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Our Role in the Demolition Process

It is our responsibility as demolition contractors to take down buildings and other items that are no longer needed. Anything from minor interior destruction to substantial structure demolition might fall under this category. Our crew has years of expertise in the field and is extremely competent, professional, and trained in what they do. We are dedicated to adhering to OSHA regulations in all of our projects to guarantee a safe and effective demolition procedure.

In addition to closely collaborating with our clients to meet their demands during the demolition process, we take care to guarantee that any hazardous items are removed and disposed of appropriately. Additionally, because to our team’s experience, any unanticipated risks or hard-to-access regions that may surface throughout the demolition process may be handled with ease. With our background and knowledge, you can rely on us to do the task correctly.

Our Equipment Stock

Along with our experience, we can handle a variety of demolition project types thanks to our extensive equipment inventory. We can handle a wide range of demolition tasks thanks to our technology, including robotic demolition, interior demolition, smokestack destruction, building demolition, and more. We guarantee a speedy and effective demolition procedure since we have the appropriate instruments for any operation.

Among the tools we have are:

Hydraulic excavators: These devices are employed in many different types of demolition work, such as the dismantling of buildings and bridges. They have strong hydraulic systems that make breaking down steel, concrete, and other materials simple.

Brokk Robotic Demolition: When it comes to interior demolition operations, our Brokk robotic demolition devices are ideal. They can swiftly break down steel, concrete, and other materials since they are tiny, nimble, and outfitted with strong hydraulic hammers.

Wire Sawing Equipment: We have wire sawing equipment that can easily cut through brick, concrete, and other materials. It is perfect for demolition jobs like bridge destruction that need for precise cutting.

Core Drilling Equipment: Our concrete core drilling equipment is made to drill holes fast and effectively in a variety of materials, including concrete. It is perfect for demolition jobs like smokestack destruction that need for precise drilling.

Specialized Equipment: We also own equipment specially developed for certain demolition tasks. For instance, we offer tools for cutting wire, concrete, and walls. We also possess the tools necessary to destroy safes and other secure buildings.

Traditional Services

Specialized services that are not commonly provided by other commercial demolition contractors are what we at Interstate Sawing & Demolition offer. Demolition that is quiet is one such service. This kind of demolition is very advantageous for many different types of situations and is not something that can be completed quickly with inadequate equipment. It is ideal for places that are hard to reach and where loud noise levels must be kept to a minimum. In actuality, this service specifically tackles issues with noise pollution caused by demolition. Additionally, we provide limited area demolition, which is perfect for small-scale demolition operations.


As experts in demolition, we make sure to not only complete our primary tasks correctly but also to tidy up after ourselves. You can rely on us to clear the area of any significant debris and equipment so that cleaning and construction personnel can get to work quickly. We are aware that a safe and orderly workspace is necessary for the efficient progress of any building project.