Any athlete’s dream is to become a professional at the sport they love. If you want to play basketball and you don’t make it to the NBA or NBA G League, there are hundreds of other leagues you may play in across the globe where you can pursue your ambition of being a professional player. The procedures for playing basketball abroad will be broken down in this step-by-step tutorial.

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Step 1: Compete at the top level in your nation of origin.

For teams abroad to show the most interest in you, you need to have elite level playing experience. Thus, wherever you are living and playing right now, your objective should be to reach the top.

Players from America

Teams outside are aware that the USA has a ranking system with Ncaa D1 at the top, followed by Ncaa D2 and Ncaa D3. Many teams abroad are still unsure about NAIA, but it may still offer valuable experience.

Teams on the other side of the water are starting to recognize Canadian USPORTS. A fantastic choice for a high-quality experience is the Canadian NBL.

Experience in junior college and high school is typically insufficient to pique the interest of teams abroad. That is, unless you are not among the top players in the country, like Brandon Jennings or Melo Ball. Aim for the best possible four-year university program.

Although they won’t always give you enough exposure to go abroad, AAU and shoe-sponsored club teams can help you gain recognition from universities.

The greatest alternative is to sign with a semi-pro squad if your window of opportunity to attend college has closed or if it’s simply not for you. If you fit into this description, be sure to read the concluding portion of the article.

Players from abroad

Club Teams: This is the only competitive basketball league available to players from other countries. Make an effort to join the top club team in your town or city.

Playing for your nation’s national team should be your aim, junior national team. Although playing for a senior squad is the ideal, junior teams will provide you experience.

Step 2: Obtain Statistics

If you enroll in Ncaa D1, struggle to obtain stats, and receive little playing time, you will find it difficult to attract attention from clubs abroad.

Be an All-American by playing D2. You’ll gain excellent playing experience and numbers from it, which can help you land a professional contract.

Get those stats up while improving your team’s performance in the NCAA, NAIA, USPORTS, and foreign club teams and leagues.

Verify that you are aware of where your statistics are. At the conclusion of each season, keep note of them and include them on your CV.

Get Video in Step Three

You may showcase your ability, athleticism, and decision-making abilities to teams worldwide by using game films. The second stage in learning how to play basketball abroad is watching videos.

A single season’s highlight Include a highlight from each season you have played. Agents, coaches, and teams all prefer to see a little clip of your movement and shooting. Their curiosity will be piqued, and they may decide to watch some of your complete games as a result.

Two Complete Games every Season: This should go without saying, but you must play two complete games per season. This is the barest minimum. A few teams could request more. As an offensive and defensive player, make sure they are the finest games you have ever played.

Your movie should be under your control. Create a Vimeo account, a YouTube channel, or register with another streaming provider. You may upload as many videos as you like and membership is free.

Appropriate Video: You Must Read This

Getting a crew from abroad to see your film depends critically on the caliber of the competition. Disorganized and at a low level, clubs abroad will not be interested in competing.

Open runs, YMCA, Juco, and high schools are not of a sufficient caliber to pique the interest of connections abroad. You must create as much competition as you can. playing in a structured competitive setting against adults.

For American athletes, the greatest alternatives are NCAA, NAIA, and USPORTS. Players from other countries are welcome to participate in local contests. It is better when there is more competition.

In the USA, semi-pro leagues might also be worthwhile choices. While not all international teams will, many will. It’s critical that your squad be well-organized and that the opposition is fierce. Excellent defensive play. coordinating offensive plays and setups.

You won’t attract a team’s attention with exposure camps, showcases, or overseas basketball combines held in the United States. Take our word for it, or read this article to see why teams don’t think player scouting is a practical alternative.

See below for more details on why watching the USA overseas basketball combine tape won’t help you travel abroad.

Because you are regularly facing international teams, international Tour game tape might be quite effective. Selective tours are what you should avoid. You shouldn’t count on using the movie to help you join a squad in Europe if you go on a trip to Latin America.

You won’t usually get anywhere watching workout videos or footage of yourself exercising. It’s feasible that a team will request to watch some training footage if you have some strong game footage and have taken a few months off to ensure you are in good form. However, this is typically not the case.

Although slow-motion videos and mixtapes are hip, coaches and scouts shouldn’t use them. It won’t get you signed, but it will get you some praise from your friends and Instagram followers.

Game footage from the EuroProBasket program: Teams from Europe square off against players in weekly matches. The leagues in which the EuroProBasket squad competes are well-known in Spain and throughout Europe.